Medterra Review

It’s undeniable that Medterra has an amazing website.  Apparently, they wanted it to match the quality of their CBD products.  Medterra CBD has premium quality oils, creams, and more.

Medterra CBD Overview

Need a home-grown answer to your CBD oil problems? Medterra CBD has got you covered. Medterra CBD was first started by a group of passionate individuals about the properties of CBD products. The increased numbers of studies that back up CBD as an excellent supplement clearly proves that CBD is legal in most states or you won’t get arrested either for using it.

Manufacturers are zealously extracting CBD from marijuana plants and are using it in different products. Medterra is one of the product but can be trusted. Read our review to find out why.

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Who Is Medterra?

Medterra is a California based company that produces isolate derived and 100% THC free CBD products. They get the highest quality hemp form Kentucky and extracts the plant material into quality isolate, meaning their products are non-GMO and all natural.

This isolate is used to produce a diverse product line of topicals, tinctures, and more. Medterra also makes use CO2 extraction method, CO2 extraction method uses temperature and pressure to process the material, which often preserves the CBD more efficiently over withdrawal method that uses solvents.

Unlike some other CBD companies, Medterra is transparent about the high-quality of their products. A ready certificate of the analysis can be searched and found on the website, which was carried out in a quality testing facility in Massachusetts, which are specialized in medical testing products derived from marijuana.

Medterra CBD products are grown under strict guidelines by the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Hemp Pilot Program. They test all products in a lab to ensure they are free from heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticides.

Medterra CBD Products

  • Medterra CBD Capsules – Medterra offers CBD capsules free from THC in 50mg or 25mg strengths. One of the advantages of taking Medterra in capsule form is that you get consistent and precise dosing, with one of the most convenient administration (digesting a pill). It sometimes takes a while to feel the effects when CBD supplement is taken orally to when compared to tinctures under the tongues; these are one of the deciding factors when choosing.
  • Medterra CBD Tinctures – Medterra tinctures are available in 3,000mg, 1000mg, 500mg bottles, and CBD tinctures use 99% pure Cannabinoid isolate in an MCT oil carrier. These carriers are designed for sublingual use but can also be added to beverages and food. Medterra guarantees 0% THC because their CBD is CBD isolate; which can be helpful for users bothered about passing a drug test when using.
  • Medterra CBD Pain Cream – The pain cream is designed to have a chilling effect with the addition of menthol and arnica ingredients. Synthetic ingredients are also present in the formula, so this might not be a good choice for users looking for natural creams. The Medterra CBD pain cream is available in two sizes, 750mg and 250mg.
  • Sleep Formula Capsules – Many users use melatonin to get better sleep. These is the combination of 25mg of CBD and 10mg of melatonin that the producers have targeted for consumers struggling to get high-quality sleep. You can simply take these pills by placing on your tongue prior bedtime and let it dissolve before you swallow it.


  • Contains zero THC.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Medterra CBD products were founded by agricultural experts.
  • They are organically grown and extracted.
  • Ships to several nations around the globe and 50 states in the United States.
  • 6% pure CBD products.
  • Medterra Company does a lab test on all their products to make sure they are free from contaminants.


  • They are still a new company, so long-term credibility and trustworthy is yet to be established.
  • Medterra CBD products do not offer edible or vape pen CBD products.
  • They only offer free shipping if your order is over $125.

Features of Medterra CBD Product

  • Medterra uses CO2 extraction method to keep the potency of the CBD.
  • The hemp plant grown in Kentucky uses no impurities, pesticides, herbicides, or GMO.
  • None of Medterra products contains any trace of THC, making intake safe for everyone and anyone.
  • They are also partners with Hemp Pilot Research Program, which gives them license to deliver products in all of North America.
  • Medterra industrial hemp is grown and extracted with strict guidelines that were set by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

Where Can I Buy Medterra CBD Oil?

Go to the official website of Medterra CBD and check its product page. As none of the CBD products contain THC, the company guarantees it can be shipped to 50 states in the United States and several countries (except Canada and Australia). Medterra ships all weekday for orders placed after 2 pm PST. And expect 3-7 business days for your product to arrive.

All claims for a false or damaged product must be reported within 72 hours of delivery. If you are unhappy or not pleased with your purchase, you can quickly activate the company’s 30-day refund policy.

Medterra Coupon Codes

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Medterra CBD is one of the best products on the market for different reasons. For one, their hemp comes from KHPR (Kentucky Hemp Pilot Research Program) ensures its most potent, cleanest, and purest product in the hemp market.

Whether you have anxiety, arthritis, or fibromyalgia, Medterra CBD product has good news for you. We found that the CBD product tend to work quickly and the sleeping pills also offer superb relief for insomniac

Medterra is one of the cheapest hemp product on the market. It’s cheaper to import from China or India; it says more about a company when expenses are spared to keep their operation domestically.